What’s it really like to be a single parent?

What’s it really like to be a single parent?

Over at our RagHeroes Parents Group (join here) our Mums talk about what it’s really like to be a single parent…

“Auto pilot…I’m seriously just winging the single parenting thing….so far it’s gone in my my favour.”

“I take my hat off to single parents.”

“I feel I’m a single parent most times, I get up with kids, take them to school, dress, wash and feed them while hubby works all hours, by time he comes in I’ve got them from school, fed them, bathed them and they’re practically in bed and having 7 kids its actually not that hard.”

“Kids come to mum when they need something and dad for fun.”

“They only want him when he has money lol well bar the youngest one whos the only one who really is a daddys boy, loves his daddy cuddles.”

“I find it easier with 3 than I did with a man and only 2….actually wouldn’t change the way things are for the world. I was told my daughter is being diagnosed with adhd and dyspraxia on Wednesday, you know what? Ive coped them with that on my own for 6 years, I’m damn well proud of my kids and how I’ve raised all 3 of them. Really don’t need a man.”

“Mums only need their kids.”

“Never been a single parent. I have friends who are. But being a single parent I don’t think makes you any different to a parent in a relationship. Being a parent is the same for anyone. You don’t change the way you look after your children. And I also think that single dads don’t get as much support as single mums. I also know a single mum who goes out every weekend. Single parents generally one of the parents has the children on the weekend so that means the other has time to relax, go out, etc. Parents who are not single don’t always have that. Just my opinion and from what I’ve seen and known.”

“Would love to have a weekend to just chill, not even to go out but just laze in the bath. Blame my bad choice in men.”

“I found being a single parent easier in many ways.”

“One less kid to look after, no disagreements over parenting, your own routine, and pure peace once they are in bed.”

“I think the main thing when being a single parent is routine. By the time my mum was 22 she had a 6 yr old a 4 yr old and new born twins (my sister and I) she had a strict routine that she tried to stick to and a good network of friends and family to help out when things got tough.”

“I have been a single parent officially since Logan was 2 unofficially since he was born as his dad didn’t do much. With working full time, I take every other weekend off, and make sure my working weekend is when he is at his dads. I also make sure that our time together is fun, have lots of cuddles and value the time. He has a strict routine midweek, weekend is a little more flexible but I’ve stopped letting his dad help out midweek as it was upsetting my little boy too much.”

“I agree with you (above comment) about the single parents and their time, however it’s not the case with me. I rarely go out as I work the weekends he’s at his dads, and don’t want to put on my parents any more than I do for childcare, so in that sense I don’t feel like a single parent as I get no benefit.”

“I was a single parent for about 7/8 years but only had one child. I worked full time, moved to an island where I had no support in terms of family but made some great friends. When my daughter was 3 1/2 I travelled round the world with her for 3 1/2 months & had the best time. Now married with 2 children I sometimes crave my single parent life, it was much easier in many ways.”

“I’m a single parent, and I do the best I can for my kids. My kids have regular contact with their father even though we don’t really like each other we act friendly towards each other for the sake of our kids. I don’t work at present but am trying to find work now my kids at school full time. I think I’m too independent now, but I do like the companionship, I think it’s a case of once bitten twice as shy.”

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