The Baby Show – Manchester 2012

Super Soldier

Our Super Soldier enjoyed the show!

August was a very exciting month for us, not only did we launch RagHeroes but we got the opportunity to go the The Baby Show in Manchester, supported by Mumsclub enterprise zone.


The MumsClub gang!

As we are a very new business it was such a rush to get everything finalised and enough dolls made to take along to the show but it was so worth it! We got so much positive feedback from the thousands of visitors who attended the show and even managed to sell some dolls too 😉

The ‘I’m a Superhero’ doll was a particluar favourite with the Mums whilst the Dads preferred the ‘Super Manc’ dolls.

The ‘I’m a Superhero doll’ loved by Mums

The Super Manc doll, available in sky blue too!


The dolls got themselves everywhere….

They were climbing up the stands…..

…taking part in the fashion show…..

…and even on top of the MumsClub stand!

We got to meet so many new people and even had some of our social media followers call in to say hi!

On the day we held a competition to win a FREE rag doll for baby show visitors which was very popular.  We are just sorting out the entrants now and will draw the winner at the end of the week.

A big thanks to MumsClub, The Baby Show and all our visitors for ensuring we had a great time!

Maria x

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