Scary Octopus Cake – Halloween Special

Scary Halloween Octopus Cake


Scary Halloween cakeWith Halloween nearly upon us my two little boys decided they wanted to make a scary cake. As my eldest son is allergic to many foods, including wheat and eggs, we often find it easier to keep things simple and so we opted to just make some creatures from some cornflakes and chocolate!

The great thing about using cornflakes coated in melted chocolate is that the little ones can join in each step of the way and they can get really creative. My two boys love using their hands and simply molding the cornflakes into whatever shapes they want. They create all kinds of weird and wonderful things with them and have lots of fun, this time deciding to make a scary Halloween octopus!

The other great thing is that is is really quick to do, so for all us busy Mums, it’s something we can do in 15-20 minutes between dinner and bath time, always a bonus!


To make this scary Halloween octopus cake you will need the following:


* A box of cornflakes.

* Cooking chocolate.

* Rainbow drops.

* Eyes (bought from Morrisons Halloween selection for £1 per bag of 7).

* A packet of scary sweeties for decoration (we used Harbio),

Instructions:Halloween octopus cakes

1. Melt the chocolate in a sauce pan (adults only when doing with small children).

2. Pour the melted chocolate over a bowl of cornflakes and pass to the little ones to mix it up.

3. Once the cornflakes are coated in chocolate just let them have some fun. I gave my two boys a clean plate to create their octopus on. They started with a body and then added the legs.

4. Place the eyes on the octopus.

5. Decorate the octopus. My two decided to crush up the rainbow drops and sprinkle them over the octopus, giving it some colour and a slight sparkle. They then added the ghost sweeties to make it scary!

6. Leave to set.

7. Eat and enjoy!

scary Halloween cakeHalloween cake


This is a great little activity to do with groups of children as they can make their own smaller versions. You could also work together as a family and attempt to make a gigantic one too!

If you do this with your little ones we would love to see how they get on. You can post any pictures to our Facebook page.

Thanks for reading and have fun!

Maria x

Halloween cake scary




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