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Take a little look through our gallery from #projectragdoll below. We are continuously updating these images so please come back soon to see more wonderful piccys!

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 The children taking part – lots of fun!


Keel Row Shopping Centre – Blyth.

project rag doll project rag doll   project rag doll  project rag doll


Langley First School, North Tyneside.

project rag doll   project rag doll

project rag doll   project rag doll


ARTventurers, Sunderland.

project rag doll  project rag doll

project rag doll   project rag doll


Newsham Primary School, Blyth. (Supported by The Creation Station).

project rag doll   project rag doll

project rag doll   prd 7


The Creation Station, Gateshead.

project rag doll   project rag doll

project rag doll   project rag doll


Starting to build the doll – we started on April 30th 2014, it’s a long process… Look how big it is!

The first stage which was measuring the body and sewing the limbs together took place at Headway Arts in Blyth in Northumberland, supported by Diane from The Creation Station.









The head










 The body draped over the church pews!

the dolls bodyThe_body

The second stage which was to attach the children’s art work took place at Hertfordshire Community House in Gateshead, supported by Jill from The Craftmobile.

A leg










 The squares being attached











The body











As you can see the doll is looking fantastic! We are hoping to be completed by Autumn 2016. Please keep checking back for more pictures of our progress. We will let you know once the video of the build has been produced.

Many thanks to everyone who is helping for their continued support. If you’d like to help sew the children’s art work onto the doll then please get in touch and we can arrange for you to come along and help. Adults only please.

Many thanks

Maria 🙂


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