One ladies experience of severe morning sickness

This is an anonymous post kindly submitted by one of the parents in our RagHeroes Parent’s Group. All identifying details have been changed.

Have you tried ginger biscuits?” “Try drinking Lucozade,” “it’s only morning sickness!” Just some of the things I heard a lot when I was pregnant with my son, but what a lot of people didn’t realise is hyperemesis gravidarum is a lot worse than that.

When my sickness started as soon as I did a pregnancy test, I thought it would soon ease. How wrong was I. After a week of none stop sickness, everything finding its way back up (even water) I couldn’t take anymore. I was weak and tired of being told to get on with it. A trip to the doctors and a hospital admission made me realise that, although I felt stupid being in hospital, that maybe there was something more serious wrong. It was then that I learnt about hyperemesis (hg), the effect it can have on women and just how serious it can become.

Severely dehydrated and with high ketone levels I was hooked up to a drip and started on anti sickness injections which took effect almost immediately. A week later I was eventually discharged and placed on medication for the length of my pregnancy.

Weirdly just before my 20wk scan the medication stopped working, the sickness returned and I was threatened with another hospital stay unless the new tablets worked.

For 30 weeks I felt nauseous daily, couldn’t travel anywhere, could only eat plain and bland food and spent more time than necessary working out what I could eat and keep down.

The day I gave birth all this stopped and I was fine. Hypermesis gravidarum is a debilitating illness, its more than just morning sickness. So don’t judge, don’t patronize, have tea and sympathy (or just the sympathy) and offer help.

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  1. Had it with all of mine plus hospital stays it’s awful I was able to function and eat again around the 20 week mark I took tablets 3x a day until I had my girls xx


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