Naughty parents!

So after a discussion on dealing with our children’s behaviour, we decided to ask our parents over at RagHeroes Parents Group (join here) what was the naughtiest thing they ever done as a child?

As you can see below, some of their answers are hilarious!

“You know I really don’t know, I need to think about it! My brothers now I could tell you that! His was throwing an axe at me! Lol”

“I confess: I used to steal sweets.”

“I drew a big line in blue pen on my parents nice new white wallpaper on the stairs, blamed my brother – he got sent to bed without breakfast as it was first thing in the morning whilst I had mine until my dad found out the truth!”

“Oh I painted the chess board (dads pride and joy, big ornate expensive thing) with nail varnish I got hell for leather for that!”

“I wee’d in a cup & pretended it was orange squash & offered it to my older brother, he accepted it even though it was steaming.”

“Oh dear too many lol I stole from shops as a kid around 11, smoked my 1st cigarette aged 11, had numerous fights, as a teen we’d ride motorbikes and quads around fields to get a chase, a group of us used to hang around flats in dagenham essex when I was about 14-15 smoking something I shouldn’t have, and was basically a little so n so, a couple of things I’ve chosen to omit mind you, don’t worry I’m not so psycho killer lol or been to jail but yeah, guess you could say I was your out n out chav. Needless to say soon as I met my hubby 11 years ago and fell pregnant with my eldest I broke ties with my past friends/family….long story, but I grew up. am I proud of those things? No! Do I regret them? No, as they made me who I am now, however should my kid’s behave like I did boy will there be consequences.”

“Oooh I was a little goody two shoes .. Didn’t smoke, didn’t do drugs, didn’t vandalise anything, didn’t sleep around. However….. I bunked school a few times, hung around with older boys, flirted a lot too haha. Would show them my knickers… Did drink alcohol hahaha cheeky mare. Used to say I was staying at my friends for a sleepover to watch movies…. We’d dress up and walk around town pretending to be out clubbing. Not actually going into clubs though we was only 14-15 hahaha … See goody two shoes me!”

“All my friends smoked and smoked the other stuff but it didn’t interest me.”

“I didnt do anything too bad… Main thing I can remember is always being told not to run in my auntie’s house as she had glass coffee tables…. I didnt listen, ran after the dog and split my head open… Even as a teenager I didn’t really do anything. Started going out with the fake nus cards at college but parents knew about that and were fine as everyone was going out.”

“I wasn’t a naughty child or a rebellious teen generally. I did used to fight with my sister though and I banged her head on a brick wall once. Oh and I used to put a pillow on her head and sit on it! She did the same to me to be fair though!”

“I locked my little sister in a large rabbit cage once when we were playing hide and seek. My mum asked me a few times if I knew where she was….before I reluctantly let her out! I didn’t tell anyone about it til my sisters 18th birthday, as a kind of apology….luckily it’s now a big joke and no harm came. It was probably only a few mins!”

“The worst thing I ever did was one day we were at my Grans and drawing on the patio with stones (fine) my brother wrote his name and I copied it several times onto Gran and Grandads dark wood windows – on the outside. He got into SO much trouble and mam and dad had to clean it all off- presumably sand the windows down too… I didn’t come clean for years. He must have been about 5/6 to write his name so I must have been 8/9. He didn’t say anything either – or if he did they didn’t believe him. I still feel very very guilty apart from that I was a bit of a goody two shoes, even as a teenager.”

“I used to pour soup onto the floor and put my head on the radiator and tell my parents I’d been sick so I could bunk school!haha”


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