A nasty ex partner?

This is an anonymous post kindly submitted by one of the parents in our RagHeroes Parent’s Group. All identifying details have been changed.

My partner and myself had his eldest daughter aged 15 living with us and she was very happy, went to school and then college, helped a little around the house, kept her own bedroom tidy and was genuinely lovely to have around.

However, one night she went to a party and was told to be back by 11.00pm as it was just down the road. When she didn’t return we went to the house and the mother of the party holder told us they had gone to the local pub as they had a *lock-in*! As she was only 15 we were having none of this so went to the pub and knocked on the door. Several knocks later the bar person answered and said it was a private party. My step daughter could be seen with a pint glass in her hand, so I quietly informed her I wanted my step daughter to leave… the barmaid refused.. so I told her her age… she couldn’t get her out quick enough….

We told my step daughter that she couldn’t go out for a week and she screamed take me back to my moms, using lots of foul abusive threats, and so we did.

The next day the ex-wife turns up with my step daughter and her younger sister to take all her stuff home…. that was ten years ago…….

The point of my long story is this… ex-wives, why do they have to pour poison into their childrens minds? We found out that she had told her younger daughter that we were evil and made the eldest get up at 6am to clean, cook breakfast, etc and be a cinderella style slave. The younger daughter being only 12 at the time believed it all!

I just wondered if anyone else knew of spiteful ex’s or is this one just a very nasty person? My partner hasn’t seen either child since the car came for the belongings. The youngest changed her name to her mothers maiden name and they both have children that we have never met. Why can some ex’s be so spiteful?

It’s that kind of parenting that I hate…

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  1. Wow never had this experience but I so hate when parents use children as weapons it is low


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