Meet Danni and find out her reason for training as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant

higher_assistant_teacher_trainingHey everyone

My name is Danni and I’ve recently decided to become a Higher Level Teaching Assistant. I’ve been invited by RagHeroes to guest blog for them whilst completing my training. I’m really happy to do this. My aim is to share with other parents what I am learning, with the view to that it might help a few people along the way 🙂

About me

Being a stay at home mummy for 6 years has been amazing. I love looking after my little family consisting of B 6years), who is a little princess and M (3 years), who is a little charmer, and of course my newlywed husband Richard. I love my family more than anything and would do anything for them. My hubby works full time and long hours, so I do the school runs, cleaning and cooking, etc. You know – everything what a stay at home mummy does right! I’m also fully qualified hair and beauty therapist, however, working in a salon would not be possible with small children as my partner leaves for work before school and arrives home after school finishes. Plus there’s all the school holidays to think about.

So that’s why I’ve made the decision to train as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant including working with disabilities and learning difficulties in children from 0 to 18 yrs.

I’m currently doing my training now and I’m so happy. I’ve got a placement at my children’s school. M will be starting the nursery there soon so this works out perfect for me as I’ll be going to work and leaving the same times as the children. I’ll also have weekends and all the holiday with them, which makes me super happy as I won’t miss out on them growing up.

I will write a regular blog letting everybody know about my progress. I hope you enjoy reading about my journey and I’m sure I’m going to enjoy writing about it.

Danni x


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