Introducing our first girl RagHero! Competition time ~ name the RagHero!

Hey everyone

At RagHeroes we like to listen to what our customers want. Quite a lot of you have asked to see a girl RagHero and so we got one made! The soft doll version will be available on our website very soon! For those of you who love our rag dolls for boys , don’t worry, we have a new range for boys coming out very soon too!

And here she is….


We would love to know what you think of her? We think she is amazing! The only problem is that she doesn’t have a name yet and we’d like one of our wonderful followers to name her. As a thank you, the winner will receive a RagHero of their choice. All you have to do to enter is:

1. Leave a comment on this blog here, letting us know you are entering.

2. Visit and like our Facebook page here and share a picture of our new girl RagHero.

3. (Optional). If you happen to have a Twiter account we’ll love you forever if you tweet us at @RagHeroes_ and say ‘We LOVE your new RagHero for girls #projectragdoll’.

Boring stuff (rules)!

* Open to UK residents only.

* Must be 18 years or over to enter.

* You must complete the above 2 steps. Step 3 optional.

* The winner will be chosen on Monday 18th March 2013.

Good luck everyone, we are excited to find out what her new name will be!

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  1. Ok my 8 year old Megan has chosen, “Super Strength Sally”
    and my 7 year old Melissa thinks “Magical Marvellous Maddison”

    • Oh wow, I love them both! Seriously, I’m going to have to get someone in to choose the winner as I know I’ll never do it!lol Tell them both a very well done from me! Maria 🙂

  2. Ruby Rag Hero 🙂

  3. My daughter age 5 says she looks lile a faith (her name bless)

    • Aw, cute! x

  4. Sweet cheeks!!!! Xxx

    • Aw, she does look very sweet doesn’t she! Thanks Michelle 🙂

  5. I think she looks like a Rocking Raggie Maggie xxx

    • Raggie Maggie, cool! i’m so going to have trouble deciding the winner! 🙂

  6. my 8 year old Chloe says she thinks she should be named Amazing Amelia, which as Daddy was in the room he said yep after Amelia Earheart , the first solo female to fly across the Atlantic – What are they like ! You can tell she is the youngest of 6 and the apple of her daddy’s eye LOL

    • Haha, love it….a total joint effort and Amelia Earheart is a true Heroine too! 🙂

  7. “Lola the super rag hero of love” Defending lovely little boys and girls everywhere against tears and sad days 🙂 Totally love her !!

    • Aw, I love that description…..defending against tears and sad days!! 🙂

  8. She lovely will share her with the Dance Sacks Mummies they will love her too

    • Aw thanks Nicola 😀


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