How to support a child through puberty

How to support a child through puberty

Going through puberty is a challenging time in any young persons life. By being aware of the feelings and issues our children may face at this time we are in a better place to support them through this often bumpy transition into adulthood.

We asked the lovely people over at our RagHeroes Parents Group what are the best ways to support a child through puberty. This is what they said:


1. Always be honest and tell them if they have any worries or questions they can ask you and you will explain it .

2. I am trying to make my 13yr old daughter understand the importance of washing/showering daily it’s a battle.

3. I have a 12 year old boy and I’m always very open and honest with him. I’d rather he heard it all from me rather than finding himself embarrassed. I was extremely proud that we have such a good relationship that he felt comfortable enough to come and ask me if getting hair down there was normal.

4. I have an 11 year old son and I want to wait another year before telling him.

5. It seems that puberty is happening earlier than it used to in general, and I think my daughter may experience it too soon for my liking! She is developing breasts already She is only 8 (9 in March) and is intellectually and emotionally very immature for her age so you can imagine that combined with early puberty?!

6. I think it’s normal for puberty to start around 8/9 years for girls now, a bit later for boys. My boys are 5&6 years old and they know where babies come from (sperm meets egg), how they’re born and also the difference between ‘Willys’ and ‘fairys’ as they call them! They don’t know how babies are made yet but I’ll tell them as soon as they ask as I believe when they ask about things is when they’re ready to know. They know bodies change as we get older, etc and what those changes are. We have a human body encyclopaedia which my 6 year old reads so they already know a lot. I’m more bothered about dealing with hormones as they get older!

As you can see there is a lot of useful advice here from our parents and in case you were wondering what our top tips at RagHeroes are for helping a child through puberty are we’ve listed them below 🙂

(list top tips here)

Please do let us know your thoughts below. We’d love to hear from you 🙂

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