Hope for children being bullied

This is an anonymous post kindly submitted by one of the parents in our RagHeroes Parent’s Group. All identifying details have been changed.

I would like to let all parents know that when your child is bullied at school there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel, in most cases.

My daughter moved to a new estate when we bought our house and she started secondary school knowing no one. She was picked on because she was tall and clever, she loved school and was top of the class all through primary school, but she got verbally abused and mentally tortured by a few pupils and unfortunately some of the teachers egged them on…..

Not knowing, I think, how badly it was affecting my daughter, we used to take her to school in the car to make sure she got there as she used to run away from school and hide in a local wood, this was a very frightening time and it got worse. She soon refused then to even go to school and so the local authority made us go to counselling, we asked if the bullies also went and they said no, there was no need.

This was an awful time and my daughter was then referred to hospital schooling which was for sick and bullied children, she worked hard and got a few gcse’s and then had to leave because she was sixteen. She then went to college and worked hard and got the equivalent of A levels and then went to university. At University she got a 2-1 degree and now is working as a social worker in child protection.

I am very proud of her, and just would like to say to all parents out there who this is happening to… stick at it, and hopefully, it will work for your family as it has for mine.

Viv (Parent)

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  1. My daughter is now 8 and when she was in Reception, (yes reception class) the boys used to torment her terribly, they used to pull her hair, spit on her call her names etc, until the one day I had to go to school for something although i cannot remember what it was, i was waiting outside the main office watching her play by herself when one of the boys approached her, he was with another girl (who is now one of her best friends i may add) and he called on another boy to come over, well the “ring leader” shall we call him was standing there and he says Pull her hair (my daughters) so this other girl went over and pulled her hair, obviously my daughter just sat there tears in her eyes and said please stop thats not nice, they started laughing at her calling her a baby saying she was a cry baby, then proceeded to abuse her by hitting and kicking her, I had seen enough and walked out and said to these kids Why are you behaving like animals leave her alone and go away, well the deputy head had heard me and came over as he was in the yard with the kids but facing the other way so didnt see it happen, he came over asked my child what had happened she said nothing (she didnt want to get these kids into trouble) he asked me and i told him everything, their parents were called in next day with their darling children and they were all made to apologise for causing my daughter so much grief, now she’s a happy child who loves going to school and the kids who picked on her never laid a hand on her again after their parents were involved, always tell your children to tell an adult, bullying is awful for anyone :/


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