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Today’s guest post is brought to you by the fabulous Diane from The Creation Station, Northumberland, Blyth. Find out below how to make fabulously scary bunting with your little ones 🙂


Halloween Bunting


Bunting is a wonderful way to decorate any room for just about any occasion and is a great craft to do with kids of almost any age. Even babies can contribute by painting shapes with their hands, feet or simple tools:


Halloween Bunting


Bunting need not be restricted to triangles – it can be created from any shapes or images, so here are some ideas for Halloween-themed bunting which you can decorate your house with ready for some spooky fun at the end of this month!

You will need:

Halloween-themed shapes cut from card e.g. witch’s hat, pumpkin, spider, bat, ghost, cauldron. These ones and more can be downloaded from The Creation Station Store.


Halloween Ghost   Halloween Pumpin    Halloween Cat


Paint or other media in Halloween colours, e.g. black, purple, orange, green.

Eyes – either the plastic googly eyes that you can buy, or ones made from circles of card with black dots drawn on.

Glue and collage items (optional)



Colour, design and embellish your shapes in whatever way you like! Your youngest may like to finger-paint in quite a random way, whilst your toddler may want to experiment with tools such as printing with sponges or shape cutters as well as using brushes. If you don’t like the hassle of paint (or the potential for mess!) you can use paint pens, felt-tips, coloured pencils and crayons.


Halloween Bat   Halloween Cat


Once happy with their designs, you can then decorate further with glue (either sticks or PVA) and collage items. The possibilities for collage are almost endless, so even if you don’t have any “bought” craft items in the house you can easily make your own. For example cut or tear up old magazines, get wallpaper samples and paint colour charts from DIY stores, use buttons and ribbons from old clothes that are being thrown out; keep wrapping paper that you got gifts in, or leftover bits that you have used most of. Encourage older children to learn and develop their cutting skills to create small enough pieces so as not to completely cover what they have already done but to add to it. E.g. cut out pumpkin features from black wallpaper, make your spiders hairy with wool or give your ghosts button eyes!


 Halloween Bunting


Once all your shapes are coloured and collaged, allow to dry completely then cut them out. Lay them in a row face down and attach string, wool or ribbon along the top with tape or staples, then hang along a wall or window. If hanging in the middle of a space you may want to make each piece double-sided by putting the images back-to-back.

I hope you have fun creating your bunting! I’d love to see it so please send pics to my Facebook page here. Have a creative and happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween



P.S. There’s loads of arty-crafty stuff to help you with this project at The Creation Station Store including no-mess paint pens, wiggly eyes, painting and printing tools, collage items and FREE downloads of simple Halloween images for colouring and collage.

Diane Wilkinson (The Creation Station, Northumberland, Blyth)


Halloween Pumpkins




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