Birth Story 8

This is an anonymous post kindly submitted by one of the parents in our RagHeroes Parent’s Group. All identifying details have been changed.


28 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child, another boy!

Up until then all had gone swimmingly. However, things would soon change.

I started bleeding again, just spotting and getting tightenings. Given my previous history of a premature birth I went in to be checked out, I was examined and placed on a monitor. I was dialated at 1cm but the tightenings weren’t contractions just braxton hicks. I was told to rest as much as I could with 2 children under the age of 2. So I did.

On and off I continued to have the spotting but was assured by my midwife it was fine. Then at 33 weeks exactly I began bleeding more severely with the tightenings gaining momentum. Concerned I called the midwife who came out right away and upon examining me she found my waters to be trickling and felt the tightenings had now changed from braxton hicks to contractions. She called an ambulance.

The ambulance came and what a palaver that was. I wasn’t allowed to walk down the stairs as she felt I was close to giving birth so I was strapped to a stretcher and carried down the stairs… that was scary.

When we got to the hospital I was monitored but by now everything had stopped again. So just as they were going to allow me home under bed rest, at 9pm as if on the dot I had another tightening. The doctor felt it and felt it was strong enough to warrant keeping me in under observations, saying it’s likely nothing and I could go home the next day. I was given steroids for the baby’s lungs as a precaution.

As it was late and hubby had our 2 children with him he left to take them home to bed.

When he left I tried to get some rest. I went to bed. I recall it clearly – I ate some chocolate, had a cup of tea, read a couple of pages of my magazine and tried to rest.

That wasn’t to be! At 10pm again as if on the dot the contractions become back to back, they were so strong I knew these weren’t braxton hicks. I pressed my buzzer to call for help but after what felt like forever, probably 3-4 contractions, so 10 minutes tops, I could take no more.

Somehow, I’m not quite sure how, I managed to crawl on all fours to the midwives station. They took one look at me and realised this was it, they put me in a wheelchair and rushed me to delivery suite, whilst placing a drip in my hand along the way.

Panicked, I tried to contact my hubby but his mobile was on silent and I’d told him to rest so he was asleep.

I kept pestering any doctor or nurse that would listen to please get through to my husband, he needs to be here.

Eventually at around 12:30am I managed to get through to him, “come quickly, the baby is coming.”

He got through to his mum and was going to take the kiddies there so he could come to the hospital.

Whilst I waited I had gas and air. I managed to be more mobile this time around than my previous 2 births. I really feel this helped me feel in control, despite being 7 weeks early.

The baby was coming and nothing was going to stop him so we had to just go with it.

Just after 1:32am on the 26th JUne 2007 I called hubby, “it’s ok I’m coming, the taxi has just pulled up, I’m taking kids to my mum’s and I’ll be there,” he said.

“He’s here,” I replied, “sorry he couldn’t wait.”

Our baby boy was born at 1:32am weighing 4lb 5oz.

Exhausted I told hubby to cancel the taxi as I was so tired. The baby was being taken to special care to help him. I told him to come to the hospital first thing and we’d go to the NICU and see our baby together. So that’s what we did.

The next morning seeing my hairy little baby laying there he looked so perfect. After spending 3 weeks in NICU, establishing feeding and gaining weight he was allowed home.

Little did we know the issues he had…..

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