Birth Story 3

This is an anonymous post kindly submitted by one of the parents in our RagHeroes Parent’s Group. All identifying details have been changed.

I woke up on the 23rd April feeling like I had been kicked in the back, although it felt more like a kidney pain than baby related. To be sure I went up to the day unit for a quick check over where they diagnosed me with a serious UTI and sent me home with tablets to go with my anti sickness ones, iron ones and pain killers for sciatica. I was told I was no where near being in labour and would go to my due date of the 13th May but to go back if the UTI got worse.

Later that night I decided to order a tens machine, and have an early night. Several trips to the toilet later and still no closer to sleep it was morning and a call to the hospital as it had indeed got worse, or so I thought. I called work to say I wouldn’t be in, and that my maternity leave would have to start. I then headed to hospital, after dropping my then partners kids home. By the time I got to hospital I had realised it wasn’t the UTI getting worse as I had finally started with contractions. Just to keep things as awkward as possible, like my pregnancy had been, I was told I would be induced that teatime if no further forward as there was mecconium in my waters… Hard pregnancy easy labour? Not likely with me.

I was induced at 6pm, 2hrs later being a novice and knowing nothing I had a mild panic when I passed a lot of blood and swiftly discovered I had shot to 8cm dilated from 2cm….too late for for an epidural and my dream of a water birth gone, I opted for diamorphine and gas and air. I expected it to be over by midnight by what the midwife said…. Oh no other side of midnight and contractions tail off and then start again…. I eventually get told he’s crowning as contractions go back to 1 in 10 and im hooked up to a cannula ready to get it going again… I gave one push and then get given an injection in case they had to cut me as he got stuck… And then out he pops with no help…. Same couldn’t be said about the placenta, an hour and half later with the help of the drip I still hadn’t delivered it and was about to go to surgery when it finally came away and out…. But it was all worth it with my amazing little boy.

But the next person that says ‘difficult pregnancy is often easy labour’ let me tell them…. Hyperemesis, anaemia, siatica, UTI and then meconium in water, induced and back to back baby, slow contractions, and then difficulty in placenta… Nope it doesn’t always happen!

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