Birth Story 2

This is an anonymous post kindly submitted by one of the parents in our RagHeroes Parent’s Group. All identifying details have been changed.

Diary – Wednesday 21/05/14

7 days overdue I was booked in for an induction due to extreme pain on the right side of my bump ( they were worried in case there was a problem with the placenta). Arrived at 2pm and the procedure was explained by a lovely midwife. At 3pm I was examined and was 2-3cm but not quite enough for them to break my waters so a pessary was inserted and I was told I would be monitored for an hour and then allowed to leave the ward and would be re-examined 6 hours later at 9pm. After just 30 mins I started getting regular and uncomfortable contractions. The babies heart rate kept accelerating so they would not take me off the monitor so they could keep an eye on it. At 5pm I asked for paracetamol and a birthing ball to help with the pain. At 6pm the midwife could see I was struggling so decided to take me to delivery so I could have gas and air. This helped loads this time and kept me going through my contractions until I was examined again at 9pm. I was 7cm and during the examination the contractions suddenly became much more painful. I asked for an epidural as didn’t want it to be too late like it had been the first time. The anaesthetist struggled to get the epi in my spine as the contractions were now coming thick and fast and my waters broke whilst I was sat up getting the epi put in. After 30 mins it was finally in but I could still feel the pain and I started to have an anxiety attack that it wasn’t going to work (I have an anxiety disorder) and I convinced myself I was dying!! My husband managed to calm me down and after about 20 mins the epidural started taking affect and the pains started to ease. I then got a feeling like I needed to push (I never experienced this feeling with my first). The midwife examined me and said I was fully dialated but told me to wait to give my body chance to recover after the first stage of labour (again, totally different advice from the first time). The babies heart rate started to accelerate again so at 11.30pm they told me to start pushing. I pushed as hard as I could and at 11.45pm my second daughter was born! They placed her straight on to my chest and she was so beautiful. I needed stitches again as I had torn but it wasn’t as bad as when I had been cut for the forceps. Over all the second birth was a much better experience and I put this mainly down to having much nicer midwives dealing with me this time.

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