Birth Story 1

This is an anonymous post kindly submitted by one of the parents in our RagHeroes Parent’s Group. All identifying details have been changed.

Diary – Monday 26/03/12

I was 13 days overdue and fed up. Due to go into hospital to be induced on the Tuesday morning. 3am I couldn’t sleep so got up and watched The Voice on Sky Plus. Started feeling cramps in my lower stomach and back that felt like dull period pains. I knew straight away it was the start as it was so different to anything I had felt previously. Never got to sleep as I was quite uncomfortable. Early afternoon I had a walk to my friends house and told her I had been having pains on and off all day. They were starting to get quite painful and I couldn’t really speak during the contractions. My friend started panicking that I was going to go into labour at her house and drove me back home to my husband. I then decided I needed to clean the house (again) and as I was hoovering up I felt damp between my legs. Thought it might be my waters but when I checked I was bleeding heavily. Rang the hospital and they told me to go straight in. When I arrived at 6pm I was examined and I was 4-5cm and the contractions seemed to be coming really quick and were very painful. I wasn’t allowed to go in the birthing centre for my water birth as I had planned due to bleeding. I was then left in the examination room whilst day shift staff handed over to late shift with no pain relief for 2 hours!! I was screaming at my husband to get someone and the woman on reception just kept saying ‘someone will be along to take you to delivery soon!’ Eventually at 8pm a midwife came and I was screaming in pain and said I couldn’t walk. She said I had to walk to the delivery suite and I practically crawled there on my hands and knees. When we got there she gave me gas and air but I felt it had no affect on the pain so I asked for an epidural. She said I couldn’t have one yet because the anaesthetist was in theatre. An hour later she examined me and said that it was too late to have an epidural as I was 10cm. I was then told to push with each contraction. I was pushing for three hours and nothing was happening. I was in so much pain and then was told I would have to go to theatre and have the baby delivered by forceps. I was given a spinal block and finally the pains stopped! I was cut and told when to push after just two pushes my beautiful daughter was born with forceps in the early hours of the 27/03/12. She wasn’t crying to start with and was a little bit shocked and was taken straight to the table. I didn’t get to hold her until they had finished my stitches 45 minutes later. As soon as she was put in to my arms I fell head over heels in Iove!!

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